Are you considering a strategy towards Zero Carbon Transport?

Through our independent consultancy division, we help organisations deliver effective and efficient strategies.

  • Technology insight -investigating which technology platform will best suit your requirements
  • Feasibility studies – including charge behaviour analysis, EV trend forecasting, funding bids and the development of zero-emission e-mobility strategies.
  • Experience – Our electric vehicle (EV) and infrastructure consultants offer unparalleled industry knowledge. One of our consultants was instrumental in designing one of the world’s first smartphones and has been directly involved in EVs and supporting infrastructure for more than 20 years, whilst another of our in-house consultancy team is a PhD who specialises in battery systems and a third has pioneered lithium-ion powered EVs for 20 years and lectures in EV Infrastructure at the doctoral level.
  • Strategy – We offer EV charging infrastructure strategy design, concept, and implementation, with end to end project delivery, tailored to your needs. This includes operational advice, funding and procurement, planning, and roll-out of charging infrastructure.
  • Training – We offer insight into zero-carbon EV infrastructure from cradle to grave, providing fleet managers, EV showroom staff and public charging teams with a deep understanding of current and future supporting technologies for EVs.
  • Project Management – We can manage EV Infrastructure projects, deliver research into a zero-carbon strategy and make available key data from our projects to help inform future strategies for our partners and collaborators.
  • Monitoring advice – Impact assessment, utilisation analysis, building in future-proofing, and reliability monitoring.

How do we do this?

By connecting academia, business, industry, and government to help prepare people, cities, and future generations for the benefits of Zero Carbon living. Whether you are interested in introducing EVs into your fleet or you are responsible for a zero-carbon transport policy in your region, Voltempo’s ™ specialist consultancy can assist you in getting your EV strategy on the road.