Most other chargers are based on a one charger/one bay solution. As you add more chargers, the cost increases exponentially as the infrastructure and groundworks costs increase. Every charger requires its own groundworks and infrastructure, leading to long and disruptive on-site build times measured in weeks or months. Once it’s installed, the charger cannot easily be modified or upgraded to cater for future, faster charging vehicles, or new charging standards such as wireless charging. Obsolescence is built in.

HyperCharging™ is based on a modular central charging hub concept. Based around a megawatt core power system, up to twenty-four vehicles can share the power from one charger. The entire system is built in a factory and delivered complete to site, requiring minimal onsite commissioning, typically taking one or two days. Future upgrades involve plugging in new power modules, adding charging bays, or incorporating new charging technologies such as wireless charging or new charging connectors as new standards emerge.

One of the big barriers to installing chargers is grid limitation. With Voltempo™, we can combine the grid with other power sources, such as solar, biofuel power generation, waste-to-energy technology, and batteries, reducing dependence on the grid. Furthermore, our unique energy management system allows us to reduce peak power consumption with minimal impacts on vehicle charge times, whilst our design allows us to install up to 30% more charging points for the same power availability than our competitors.