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Can any car use Voltempo’s HyperCharging system?

Yes. So long as it is a public charging point and your Electric Vehicle is fitted with either of the common CHAdeMO or CCS charging connectors.

My car is not capable of receiving more than a 150kW charge. Can I still use Voltempo’s HyperCharging system?

Yes, you can so long as your car is fitted with either CHAdeMO or CCS connectors. Our HyperCharge DCS (Dynamic Control System) will only operate up to your vehicles maximum charge level.

How long does it take to charge using Voltempo’s HyperCharging system?

The speed of charge is determined by your vehicles battery size and charging capacity.

Do I have to be a member to use a Voltempo HyperCharging system?

All Voltempo public chargers have a facility to PAYG using a contactless device or credit/debit card.

Do I need my own charging cable?

You cannot use your own charging cable. All our HyperChargers use tethered charge cables and connectors for your convenience and for your vehicle type.

What is a tethered charging cable?

A tethered charging cable is built in to all our HyperCharging systems, with a connector dedicated to your vehicle type.

Is Voltempo able to supply and install their HyperCharger system outside of the UK?

We are currently focused on the UK. In 2023, we will be launching our HyperCharging system in the USA from our office in Austin, Texas.
Followed by a European launch in 2024

With EV technology changing so quickly, how soon will your HyperChargers become out of date, resulting in chargers that can’t be used by new vehicles?

Futureproofing is built into Voltempo’s HyperCharging scalable design. Voltempo HyperCharging is – ‘Always the Next Generation Charging System’

How long does a complete Voltempo HyperCharging installation take?

Voltempo’s modular HyperCharging system typically takes 1-2 days of installation.

Is Voltempo’s HyperCharging system safe?

Voltempo’s HyperCharging stations perform an internal electrical safety test before each charging event and continue to monitor safety during the process. If a safety issue is discovered, the system will immediately shut down.

Is my data safe when using Voltempo’s HyperCharging stations?

Voltempo does not have access to customer data. At the start of a charging event, Voltempo will ask the charge station provider (CSP) to authorise charging. All customer and payment data is stored by the CSP, and you can contact them directly regarding how your data is handled.

If I need assistance, who can I contact?

If the charge station is unmanned, our customer service number is displayed on each HyperCharging point.

Does Voltempo operate its HyperCharging stations direct?

No. We design, supply, install and maintain our HyperCharging systems to registered charge station providers internationally.