White Labelling

Voltempo’s HyperCharging stations are completely modular, scalable and future proof.  With every Voltempo HyperCharging system, you will always have ‘the next generation’ HyperCharging station, because our design is future proof.

Whether you run a network of motorway service stations where EV drivers can get a HyperCharge in a matter of minutes*, or you manage a fleet of trucks or buses, our system is perfect now and into the future.

Voltempo has white-label, custom branding solutions to make our HyperCharging technology your own recognised asset. While Voltempo’s HyperCharging systems are a great experience for the end-user, custom white labelling will enable owners of installations to manage their customers overall brand experience and reduce customer recognition of other e-mobility providers. Moreover, you can seamlessly integrate your preferred back-office charge management software (OCPP) to complete your front to back branding process.

*Charge rate is wholly dependent on the vehicle battery size, capacity, and in-car charge control system.