Voltempo’sHyperCharging Systems for fleet, are the fastest, most scalable, modular and futureproof in the global EV charging sector. Whether you own a fleet of buses, a fleet of company cars or a fleet of heavy goods vehicles, the Voltempo HyperCharging system is the only futureproof option that is up to the challenge of the high demand and uptime that is key to EV fleet management success.

Voltempo’smodular systems are scalable, designed to grow with your business needs and demands. This flexibility is designed around your site layout and needs, and our modular dynamic power management system will ensure that we will always meet your requirements, even as EV technologies change and develop.

Voltempo’sHyperChargingsystem allows fleet operators to enjoy lower fuelling costs, lower total cost of ownership, low environmental impact, low maintenance costs and best of all, benefit from the world’s fastest DC charging.