At Voltempo™, we believe the key to increased growth and wider Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption in the sector, lies in the contiguous deployment of HyperCharging™ stations for both business and consumers. To achieve this goal, charging stations must be in the right locations, with sufficient charging bays to meet demand, and powered by charging systems that are as quick to use as conventional fuel pumps.

We believe in pushing technological boundaries and making the impossible…possible. We have already developed and built the world’s first modular and scalable 6-minute DC HyperCharging™ station, using our proprietary Dynamic Charge Management System.






Voltempo™ HyperCharger™ will always be the ‘Next Generation’ EV charger

What drives the future?

In the UK, some 38% of consumers considering a new car purchase would buy an EV, but more than a third of UK households in England do not have access to off-street parking for home charging, according to the UK Government’s Road to Zero Strategy paper (July 2017). This ratio increases in urban areas and slow charging is one of the key factors holding buyers back. Additionally, there are concerns about queuing and range anxiety due to the time taken to fast charge an EV, which can currently take more than an hour (10 to 80% charge). We have the solution with our proprietary HyperCharging™ system.

Voltempo™ are working closely with government agencies and other significant stakeholders by developing and providing HyperCharging™ technologies across all EV charging sectors. Through intensive innovation and stakeholder support across the entire EV value chain, including battery technologies, vehicles, charging and power supplies, we believe that Voltempo™ is perfectly positioned to ensure that the projections for electric vehicle uptake can not only be met, but comfortably exceeded. We have set out our vision to significantly improve fast charging technology through the development of Voltempo’s™ HyperCharging™ infrastructure and technology.