Site Analysis – Public Charging Hub solutions 


Did you know? Electric vehicle charging with a HyperCharging™ electric vehicle charging hub often offers a faster return on investment and greater income potential than selling petrol and diesel. If you are considering installing a public charging hub for electric vehicles, there is a lot to consider. Power availability, charging configuration, equipment costs, installation costs, and timescales can take weeks or months to collate.

Our Voltempo™ Desktop Survey can reduce this time from months to days, providing you with a comprehensive eighteen-page report that provides you with all the information you need:

  • Detailed introduction to EV charging, options and benefits.
  • Comprehensive local traffic flow data, using the information provided by the Department for Transport.
  • Identification of current and projected future demand for charging at this location.
  • Ideas on how to increase your share of the local EV charging market.
  • Identification and specification of other electric vehicle charging facilities in the local area.
  • Power supply analysis.
  • Potential power generation opportunities using on-site solar, including a monthly breakdown of power generation potential using solar irradiance data supplied by NASA.
  • Options and estimated pricing on infrastructure costs.
  • EV Charging hardware quotation.
  • Estimated return on investment.

The purpose of this survey is to provide you with high-quality information that allows you to easily decide on the best approach to provide electric vehicle charging at your site. Whether you have one site or 500, our desktop survey is a terrific tool to quickly identify the options and opportunities available from electric vehicle charging.